Cannabis watering early in the morning (in open ground); Before switching on the lighting system (in closed ground). Cannabis watering during the day can cause “burns” of the root system and leaves. At the same time, Cannabis watering at night can significantly increase the humidity, which will inevitably lead to problems with fungi and insects.

cannabis watering

Steps for Cannabis watering

  • Take two volumes of the same size and fill them with the same kind of substrate. Add the required amount of water or food solution to one of them, remember the weight and the place where you will place it. Weigh the “dry weight“. All this is necessary to create an idea of ​​the weight of a dry and watered pot. This method will help you to know when the plant needs watering. In a very short time, just by lifting the pot, you will easily understand the need for Cannabis watering.
  • You can use a humidity measuring device. Which is related to costs. In the example above, you will not have to incur any costs. The previous method is used by almost all gardeners, due to its simplicity and convenience.
  • To reduce the risk of heat stress, use room temperature water for irrigation. All you have to do is stand in the water in the room for a few hours.

cannabis plant

  • Do not wait for the leaves to wilt as this is the first sign of water deficiency. It is true that weakness can be caused by other causes, but in many cases, it is the moisture. The above-mentioned “pot lifting” technique will definitely be the best advisor and expert for you.
  • Add all fertilizer pH and EC before measuring nutrient solution level. Most modern food additives have a stable pH level due to the buffer effect. Nevertheless, initial measurement is recommended to understand the initial data with which you will have to work later.
  • If you use pH and EC measuring devices, it is necessary to calibrate them once in 3-5 days. Otherwise the figures will not be accurate, the results may turn out to be quite serious. Cleaning the probe after each use is also crucial.
  • Do not store food solution for more than 24 hours. Make sure you store the fertilizer in the conditions they need (temperature, humidity, absence of direct sunlight).
  • Long storage is not recommended. We recommend to supply different means as the requirements change at all stages and have different specifics. If you feel a strong, ammonia-like odor coming out of the bottle, throw it away. This means that its contents are outdated and useless.
  • I also recommend reading some recommendations for watering pots with coconut curry:

Cannabis watering should be done every day, or day by day.

  • At least 10% of the poured water should drain from the pot (this way you will not allow excess nutrients to accumulate in the substrate).
  • If the substrate dries sooner than 1 day, it is likely that the plant will need to be transplanted into a large pot.
  • If the substrate is still wet on the third day, you need to pause and test until you notice the need for water.
  • The coconut koira should take on a brownish tinge, after which it can be watered.

Marijuana herb is a mixture of dried leaves, twigs, flowers and seeds of hemp, which contains many active ingredients. The plant is saturated with the drug delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol especially during the flowering period. Cannabis is also extracted from hashish – a specially processed extract extracted with oil or other substance and stored in this way. Hashish is rare in Georgia. The content of tetrahydrocannabinol in it reaches 40%, while in natural, unselected marijuana it is 0.5-5%, although recently cannabis varieties have been bred that contain tetrahydrocannabinol containing 15-20% or more.

Marijuana herb

Cannabis grows naturally in Georgia, but the concentration of the drug in it is quite low. Recently, seeds of hybrid varieties have been imported to our country. Hybridization of varieties is particularly intense in countries where marijuana herb is sold freely in coffee shops. The reason is that if a few decades ago it was allowed to sell 30 grams of marijuana to a client at one time, today the amount has been reduced to 5 grams due to the side effects of the drug, and the client is asking for more.

Medical benefits of Marijuana herb

Cannabis, as I told you, contains many active substances, but we are interested in two: delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which has a narcotic effect, and the non-narcotic cannabidiol – a relatively new substance that has attracted the attention of scientists relatively recently and on which medicine relies.

Tetrahydrocannabinol causes euphoria, elevates mood. It is used effectively to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, especially nausea and vomiting. Numerous studies have shown that tetrahydrocannabinol and other cannabinoids stimulate appetite, so it is recommended to use them to treat the anorexia associated with AIDS. Its positive effects on depression and apathy have been proven. Therapeutic use of cannabis components has been shown to be effective in some forms of glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases. It is suggested that in the future it will be used to treat addiction to other narcotic-psychotropic substances.

Marijuana herb benefits

Cannabidiol is considered promising in the treatment of pediatric epilepsy, depression, neurotic registry disorders.

They are actively working on so-called cannabis. On the selection of medicinal varieties in which the content of the drug ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol will be minimized, and the content of the non-narcotic ingredient cannabidiol – will be increased. However, the essence of medical marijuana herb use is for the patient to take it in doses, under the supervision of a doctor, and to avoid its harmful effects as much as possible.

I would like to add that, according to the available data, the healing effect of ordinary cannabis does not yet outweigh the harm caused by its consumption, so the use of marijuana herb (and not its components) is not yet recommended by competent medical organizations such as the World Health Organization and the US Food and Drug Administration. Administration.

Mental Illness Checker 

The link between schizophrenia and cannabis use has been explored for many years, mainly on the example of hashish. There were numerous theories. Some argued that hashish was not only the triggering mechanism for schizophrenia and other mental health disorders. Now more research is being done, genetic analysis of people with mental disorders is being conducted, and it has already been proven that when a person has a genetic predisposition to mental illness, a hereditary predisposition, marijuana herb consumption increases the risk of developing this disease. The probability increases even more when the user is a child, teenager or young person.

Marijuana herb amazing benefit

The fact that marijuana herb causes mental changes is also known to consumers: standard intoxication is followed by euphoria – a feeling of well-being and an unreasonable rise in mood; Impairment of perceptual function: intensification of visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile sensations; An abundance of mental associations, inconsistencies, and leaps and bounds; Changing thinking and memory functions. An example of these changes is atypical drunkenness: after smoking marijuana herb, a person may experience fear, suspicion, and a paranoid reaction – as if being persecuted and being watched. In mild atypical intoxication, most people soon realize that this, if we say slang, is “izmena”, which will pass mostly with intoxication, although it can also lead to panic, and in severe atypical intoxication is not excluded. This condition can be prolonged and become a manifestation of mental illness. According to WHO and other international organizations, marijuana-induced acute mental illness has been particularly prevalent in recent years due to the increased concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol in cannabis and the much wider availability of the drug.

If you want to grow your own CBD marijuana, the most important thing is to start with a strain that is high in the named cannabinoid. 

Below is a 10-step guide to making and grow hemp. Here are some tips to increase your CBD when growing cannabis.

grow hemp

Pay attention when harvesting. To get the highest level of CBD, the producer must start harvesting at the very beginning of the crop ripening. This is easy to explain. Most cannabinoids begin to degrade with growth. Later stage crop buds usually have significantly lower CBD and THC levels. At the same time, the concentration of cannabinoids gradually increases. As a result, later harvested kidneys are less psychoactive (due to less tetrahydrocannabinol) and more often cause drowsiness or have a strong effect on the body. Because cannabinoids interact with each other, it is important to experiment with early and late harvests to see which is best for your particular program. Just because an early harvest means absolutely high CBD levels does not mean That the resulting buds will be more effective for a particular manufacturer in a particular situation. Here are some effective tips to help you get the most out of your grow Hemp.


Cannabidiol is found not only in hemp buds but also in leaves. The concentration of greens is relatively low, so the leaves are definitely not suitable for smoking. Another thing is that CBD can be obtained by converting the leaves into processed products such as oil, tincture or other form of extract. Note: CBD extracts made directly from the leaves are less concentrated / strong than extracts made from buds.

leaves of hemp



Unlike leaves, cannabidiol-rich mature buds are often smoked or evaporated. However, there is a whole group of people who prefer to use marijuana in a more delicious food form. The substance is absorbed much more slowly into the blood, but the duration of the effect itself is much longer.

For the most part, any method used to obtain THC works with cannabidiol as well. The issue of one group is easily “attached” to the oil at the expense of a similar structure. The problem is that you can not easily separate THC and CBD from each other. Thus, if the original plant material does not contain THC, then simple extraction in oil or tincture produces excellent CBD. If you are trying to get only cannabidiol from plant substances that contain both compounds at the same time, then you will need special equipment! That is why it is very important to start with the right strain. If the plant only produces the cannabinoids that the producer needs, it does not need to do anything other than grow hemp, maximize what it wants and enjoy the results.

hemp growth


Against the backdrop of the “armed race” of seed banks and private livestock over the millennium, trends have really changed. Cannabidiol is becoming increasingly important today due to its widespread medical use. Moreover, the high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol does not guarantee the “killing” of items at all. It works much harder and even with a relatively low THC content, a smoker can get an unforgettable experience thanks to an experimental combination of a whole group of cannabinoids in a selected strain of marijuana.

If you are thinking of growing cannabis or increasing high strains of cannabis CBD, you may be wondering how similar it is to growing cannabis for THC content. Yes, the process is remarkably similar, but there are some differences.

The only difference between the biological and “legal” levels is the total amount of THC content and CBD. That is, we are just talking about different varieties of cannabis.

THC content

Literally, to put it simply, traditional recreational marijuana and medical cannabis look like different kinds of roses. Each of them differs in flower size, fragrance, bush size and other characteristics. However, for the most part, these roses have exactly the same care. The same nutrients, the same watering, the same weeding. Hemp is exactly the same story.

As a result, all differences differ only in the content of tetrahydrocannabinol in the finished dry matter. No more differences. The differences can be expressed only in the division of Indica and Sativa into strains, their genetics. There may be no external differences between the two bushes, but the share of THC content automatically determines marijuana status. It is either just a plant, or a culture containing medicine. Remember this. Obeying the laws of your home country is a guarantee of peace and confidence in the future.


If the growth has entered the flowering stage and the plants are too tall for your growing system, measures should be taken immediately to make the plants grow even more.

Bend down (LST) is optimal. You can also use a super crop with extreme caution if one stem is much taller than the others.

hemp flowering

When flowering begins fully (after the initial period of flowering), the plant will not grow longer, so you can try to endure it before harvest. Sometimes you may need to pre-cut a particularly high cola to prevent discoloration or burns. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone! Take this situation as a useful experience for the future.


As shown in the photo, the marijuana nodes grow (at the base) after exercise.

These thickenings prove that hemp distributes energy more evenly throughout the plant and strengthens the “internal system” of the stem. Therefore, it is easier for him to supply nutrients and other “building blocks”. This leads to faster growth, increased cola, and increased yields on each stem of temporary damage.

Over time, the most commonly used stems can become so thick that they almost turn into wooden chateaux.


Implementing the technique requires cutting off the growing node of the plant, instantly reducing its height.

The smaller part of the bush you cut, the less likely it is that stress will occur. Think about it: If you remove 10% of the plant, it will have much less effect than if you remove 30% of the plant.

A good place to perform the operation is at the top – above the leaves of the next node. In other words, cut the stem just above, above the next set of leaves.

hemp of the cannabis

Remember to leave extra stems for reinforcement.

Two newly formed V-shaped cola can be easily folded to unfold. After a few weeks you can add these two new colas and create four. And later, you can double the number again to produce eight people!

Another advantage of sowing is that the plant then becomes thicker and distributes energy much more evenly throughout the plant.

High THC  tetranidrocannabinol  content alone does not guarantee that marijuana is perfect. It is important to evaluate the effects of a specific strain of the herb, which includes a cumulative review of the effects of THC, CBD, and CBN.

THC  tetranidrocannabinol

Having a high concentration of the last two allows you to reduce the negative effects of consuming strong ganja:

Decreased consciousness;



It’s time to take a closer look at the following cannabinoids.


The incredible medical potential of this component has made a major contribution to the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana.


There is absolutely no psychoactivity in this cannabinoid. Moreover, the compound does not make the smoker feel weak, but, on the contrary, has many positive health benefits.

cannabis a closer look

As mentioned above, the presence of CBD may alter some of the subjective effects of THC tetranidrocannabinol. Higher cannabidiol levels automatically reduce the psychoactive effects of tetranidrocannabinol. For some patients, this may be an excellent remedy for the healing benefits of marijuana without over-dependence on THC tetranidrocannabinol.

Researchers have long been aware of the presence of cannabidiol. However, at first no one thought that this would have such a strong impact on the development of cannabis culture in general. Subsequent studies have only confirmed that the substance affects not only the subjective experience of marijuana use but also the immediate health of the person.

Among the most important benefits of CBD are the following:

  • Reducing painful sensations of various kinds;
  • Prevention of muscle cramps and spasms;
  • Removal of certain types of inflammation, their prevention;
  • Reducing anxiety, preventing panic attacks;
  • Protection of the brain (has a neuroprotective effect);
  • Creating a calming effect;
  • Useful as an antipsychotic for people with schizophrenia;

Simplifies the lives of patients with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and epilepsy.

Recently, more and more research is emerging, which proves the cannabis ability to slow the development of cancer, to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Traditional medicine still pursues alternative therapies, but there is an obvious belief that it is only a matter of time and we are willing to wait. In addition, evidence of memory impairment and disorientation prevention associated with the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol has been confirmed.


By analogy with tetrahydrocannabinol, the CBD content in the kidneys is determined mainly by the strain and its genetics.

There are not many methods to actually increase cannabidiol levels other than choosing the high CBD strain that the manufacturer itself offers.

Cannbis benefits

This cannabinoid is often found naturally in higher concentrations in cannabis varieties that are lower in tetrahydrocannabinol. Another example: in the autoflowering of a cannabis variety derived from wild hemp (Cannabis ruderalis).


Many of the most popular strains today have CBD or none at all, and the strain is commonly used even in the name of CBD. The category “High Cannabidiol” includes all crops that contain more than 2% of this compound in the ready-to-eat dry matter. At the same time, there are a significant number of specially isolated medical strains with higher CBD levels, up to 15% or more. As practice shows, growing marijuana from clones looks more attractive in terms of this cannabinoid concentration. Although the traditional method of seed is also more attractive. The industry has really taken several levels in recent years.