Cannabis watering early in the morning (in open ground); Before switching on the lighting system (in closed ground). Cannabis watering during the day can cause “burns” of the root system and leaves. At the same time, Cannabis watering at night can significantly increase the humidity, which will inevitably lead to problems with fungi and insects.

cannabis watering

Steps for Cannabis watering

  • Take two volumes of the same size and fill them with the same kind of substrate. Add the required amount of water or food solution to one of them, remember the weight and the place where you will place it. Weigh the “dry weight“. All this is necessary to create an idea of ​​the weight of a dry and watered pot. This method will help you to know when the plant needs watering. In a very short time, just by lifting the pot, you will easily understand the need for Cannabis watering.
  • You can use a humidity measuring device. Which is related to costs. In the example above, you will not have to incur any costs. The previous method is used by almost all gardeners, due to its simplicity and convenience.
  • To reduce the risk of heat stress, use room temperature water for irrigation. All you have to do is stand in the water in the room for a few hours.

cannabis plant

  • Do not wait for the leaves to wilt as this is the first sign of water deficiency. It is true that weakness can be caused by other causes, but in many cases, it is the moisture. The above-mentioned “pot lifting” technique will definitely be the best advisor and expert for you.
  • Add all fertilizer pH and EC before measuring nutrient solution level. Most modern food additives have a stable pH level due to the buffer effect. Nevertheless, initial measurement is recommended to understand the initial data with which you will have to work later.
  • If you use pH and EC measuring devices, it is necessary to calibrate them once in 3-5 days. Otherwise the figures will not be accurate, the results may turn out to be quite serious. Cleaning the probe after each use is also crucial.
  • Do not store food solution for more than 24 hours. Make sure you store the fertilizer in the conditions they need (temperature, humidity, absence of direct sunlight).
  • Long storage is not recommended. We recommend to supply different means as the requirements change at all stages and have different specifics. If you feel a strong, ammonia-like odor coming out of the bottle, throw it away. This means that its contents are outdated and useless.
  • I also recommend reading some recommendations for watering pots with coconut curry:

Cannabis watering should be done every day, or day by day.

  • At least 10% of the poured water should drain from the pot (this way you will not allow excess nutrients to accumulate in the substrate).
  • If the substrate dries sooner than 1 day, it is likely that the plant will need to be transplanted into a large pot.
  • If the substrate is still wet on the third day, you need to pause and test until you notice the need for water.
  • The coconut koira should take on a brownish tinge, after which it can be watered.

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