Did you know that 20 million women and 10 million men have suffered from an eating disorder at some point in their lives? According to the American National Nutrition Association, it is anorexia that accounts for the highest percentage of sick people. Not only is it the most common disorder, but it also has a peek at these guys the highest mortality rate – as many as 12.8% of all sufferers die from exhaustion! Although there is a database of drugs to help fight anorexia, medical marijuana help seems to be claiming to be the leader in this field. What is anorexia and how can marijuana support its treatment? Fighting anorexia is not easy.

Fighting Anorexia – Symptoms

According to the aforementioned association, the definition of anorexia is:

“A life-threatening eating disorder that leads to excessive weight loss.”

If left untreated, anorexia can be fatal. Its consequences are the highest death rate among people suffering from an eating disorder related to restricted or uncontrolled eating. The worst thing, however, is that anorexics very often also have to deal with depressive states, hence the shockingly high 6% suicide rate among patients.

The first symptoms of anorexia nervosa are a marked decrease in body weight and the abandonment of most dishes and meals. The person with the disorder will only choose foods that they consider “safe” – that is, no fats or nutrients. Therefore, the obsessive counting of calories and the constant control of what is on the plate should be disturbing. Another symptom is isolating yourself from family and friends. The sick person prefers to spend time alone, covers their emaciated body with successive layers of clothes, does not help in carrying out daily duties, is deprived of energy, and will to live.

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The Causes Of Anorexia

In most cases, traumas and unpleasant experiences are responsible for the development of eating disorders. Sometimes they are as serious as the death of a close family member due to obesity, sometimes they can seem trivial, such as breaking up with a boyfriend. Specialists believe that the constant cult of a slim figure, which is promoted in the media, also plays a large role here – it applies to actors, models, and celebrities. We are more often able to see a thin person than an overweight person. Another cause of anorexia is a genetic predisposition, similar to obesity.

How Can Medical Marijuana Be Used To Treat Anorexia?

Anyone who has smoked marijuana at least once knows that very often we are caught on this occasion by unimaginable, unbridled hunger. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that herbs can help treat anorexia. Moreover, there are studies in which it has been scientifically proven that marijuana is an appetite stimulant, especially in people with HIV / AIDS. Unfortunately, in the case of anorexia, there are no dedicated studies, but it should be remembered that even based on such, it may seem insufficient, data, many countries have approved medical marijuana help as a means of supporting people fighting anorexia.

According to a study conducted in Belgium in 2011, it appears that imbalance in the endocannabinoid system has a huge impact on the overall economy and condition of our body, so its dysfunctional action is the cause of eating disorders. Supplying cannabinoids from the outside has proven to be therapeutically valuable. Also, the study indicated that cannabinoids could potentially help remove endocannabinoid deficiencies, which in turn allowed the patient to return to a healthy state. However, this experiment was carried out on too few people and requires reconsideration by a larger and more experienced research group.

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At the 2014 European Neurological Congress, animal studies were presented that offered a different explanation for why marijuana, and especially THC, would aid in the treatment of anorexia. The study authors found that the very way that THC activates the CB1 receptor in the endocannabinoid system increases the desire to eat by increasing our sensitivity to taste and smell. On the other hand, scientists were unable to answer the question of whether a person who has a mental blockage about food will experience any effects from the effects of THC. Medical marijuana in the case of people suffering from cancer or AIDS works great in terms of nutrition because patients want to eat, but their bodies are too exhausted, to force them to eat and to enjoy it. So the problem is with physicality, not with mental disorders. It does not say that a person who may, or for whatever reason refuses to eat, will indulge in the thought of eating after consuming marijuana.

Although the list of studies on marijuana and its possible support in the treatment of anorexia is not impressive, the results so far allow us to believe that marijuana help will soon become a true ally of the sick. Remember that anorexia is the most dangerous eating disorder, so we must never underestimate its symptoms, and it should be in the interest of all of us to seek proven and safe treatments.

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