High THC  tetranidrocannabinol  content alone does not guarantee that marijuana is perfect. It is important to evaluate the effects of a specific strain of the herb, which includes a cumulative review of the effects of THC, CBD, and CBN.

THC  tetranidrocannabinol

Having a high concentration of the last two allows you to reduce the negative effects of consuming strong ganja:

Decreased consciousness;



It’s time to take a closer look at the following cannabinoids.


The incredible medical potential of this component has made a major contribution to the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana.


There is absolutely no psychoactivity in this cannabinoid. Moreover, the compound does not make the smoker feel weak, but, on the contrary, has many positive health benefits.

cannabis a closer look

As mentioned above, the presence of CBD may alter some of the subjective effects of THC tetranidrocannabinol. Higher cannabidiol levels automatically reduce the psychoactive effects of tetranidrocannabinol. For some patients, this may be an excellent remedy for the healing benefits of marijuana without over-dependence on THC tetranidrocannabinol.

Researchers have long been aware of the presence of cannabidiol. However, at first no one thought that this would have such a strong impact on the development of cannabis culture in general. Subsequent studies have only confirmed that the substance affects not only the subjective experience of marijuana use but also the immediate health of the person.

Among the most important benefits of CBD are the following:

  • Reducing painful sensations of various kinds;
  • Prevention of muscle cramps and spasms;
  • Removal of certain types of inflammation, their prevention;
  • Reducing anxiety, preventing panic attacks;
  • Protection of the brain (has a neuroprotective effect);
  • Creating a calming effect;
  • Useful as an antipsychotic for people with schizophrenia;

Simplifies the lives of patients with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and epilepsy.

Recently, more and more research is emerging, which proves the cannabis ability to slow the development of cancer, to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Traditional medicine still pursues alternative therapies, but there is an obvious belief that it is only a matter of time and we are willing to wait. In addition, evidence of memory impairment and disorientation prevention associated with the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol has been confirmed.


By analogy with tetrahydrocannabinol, the CBD content in the kidneys is determined mainly by the strain and its genetics.

There are not many methods to actually increase cannabidiol levels other than choosing the high CBD strain that the manufacturer itself offers.

Cannbis benefits

This cannabinoid is often found naturally in higher concentrations in cannabis varieties that are lower in tetrahydrocannabinol. Another example: in the autoflowering of a cannabis variety derived from wild hemp (Cannabis ruderalis).


Many of the most popular strains today have CBD or none at all, and the strain is commonly used even in the name of CBD. The category “High Cannabidiol” includes all crops that contain more than 2% of this compound in the ready-to-eat dry matter. At the same time, there are a significant number of specially isolated medical strains with higher CBD levels, up to 15% or more. As practice shows, growing marijuana from clones looks more attractive in terms of this cannabinoid concentration. Although the traditional method of seed is also more attractive. The industry has really taken several levels in recent years.

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