cannabis species: Cannabis has many varieties and species, but people who have never deepened their knowledge about it are usually associated with cannabis, the use of which puts us into a state of intoxication. However, the truth is that not all cannabis is psychoactive. 

Hence, we decided to discuss the topic of cannabis and cannabis species, because they differ significantly from each other and only one of them is characterized by a high concentration of the cannabinoid THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive effect. 

So which cannabis seeds make us look differently at the world around us, and which cannabis species does not change our state of consciousness? Read on to find out what the differences between cannabis and cannabis are.

Cannabis Species

In professional nomenclature, we deal with cannabis species Sativa Sativa and Cannabis Sativa Indica. The former is also known as Sativa hemp, which is widely used in industry as well as in medicine, as medicinal marijuana. 

The second name, in turn, refers to the cannabis species plant that is rich in THC cannabinoids. And although both plants can be called hemp, the differences between them are huge. Starting with their external appearance, properties, and ending with their application.

Sativa, that is hemp and its characteristics

After gaining some valuable information relating to the external appearance of cannabis, anyone, even a novice, can tell the difference between Sativa and Indica. Well, in the case of hemp, the leaves are very characteristic – oblong, thin, and five-fingered. It is important for the grower that this plant usually reaches a large size. When grown outdoors, hemp can be over three meters tall. 

Cannabis Species checking their behaviour

Thus, Sativa is considered the highest cannabis species. As for its properties, it contains a high concentration of the cannabinoid CBD which is non-psychoactive, and thus, this type of cannabis is not the same as the popular marijuana that intoxicates. 

On the other hand, CBD can boast of different actions, so valuable for our body. It is primarily a sedative, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effect, thanks to which hemp can help in the fight against many different ailments. 

The positive effects of its action are visible, among others, in people struggling with certain cancers, e.g. glioblastoma. They are also given to people with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, diagnosed depression, etc. But this is not the only use of hemp, because apart from medicine, it is also used in construction, cosmetics, and food. 

An example of 100% Sativa cannabis seeds is Pulsar – Buddha Seeds. These feminized seeds are very productive and the yields are musky and have a delicate spicy flavor. It is important that the CBD contained in cannabis is not addictive and you do not need to increase its doses to achieve the desired health effect.

Indica – cannabis species and its characteristics

Unlike the previously described cannabis species, which does not contain psychoactive substances, Indica has them. It is under this species that cannabis is known to all, which has a psychoactive effect. It mainly owes its properties to THC, which, depending on the genotype, may have a higher or lower concentration. 

However, it is worth knowing that cannabis has over four hundred and twenty active ingredients, of which over sixty are cannabinoids – including the most famous one, THC. In terms of appearance, the Indica is much shorter than her Sativa friend but more branched. 

As for the flowers themselves, whose professional name is the tops, they are more compact and slightly wider. What about the height of this plant? Well, usually it reaches about a meter in height, while Sativa, as already mentioned, can be up to three and a half meters. 

The THC component in which cannabis is rich, has psychoactive substances, and therefore intoxication occurs after taking it, hallucinations may appear, as well as drowsiness. 

As an example of cannabis, we will give Shiskaberry -Barney’s Farm, i.e. seeds that have a high THC content, at the level of fifteen to twenty percent. This cannabis has a rather distinct taste – sharp and spicy. 

As a curiosity, we will add that only female cannabis species is used to produce marijuana, hence the popularity of feminized seeds. The reason for this is that the female plant has an incomparably higher concentration of the cannabinoid THC than the male.

Hemp, i.e. Sativa and Indian – Indica, are two different types of plants that, apart from their external appearance, also differ in properties and action. Sativa primarily contains the valuable CBD cannabinoid, which is non-addictive and non-psychoactive, which we cannot say about cannabis with a high concentration of THC. Both plants certainly have their advantages – it all depends on what we expect from cannabis.

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